Monday, September 23, 2013

Milo Cebu Leg 2013

After a very busy August (work, work-related travel, crazy personal predicaments and what not), I learned that the Milo Cebu Leg will be held in September instead of October here in Cebu.
I wasn't prepared but a colleague or two persuaded me to sign up for the half marathon.

So after my attempt of cramming a 21k training in less than a month, I showed up scared and unusually quiet at the starting line of the September 22 2012 Milo Cebu Race. I found four guys from work and decided to position behind them (because I know they've trained real hard and I didn't want them to see me plodding at the beginning of the race). 

A bling!

To make the story short, I finished but was the last among those from work who ran the 21k.  

But surprise, surprise! I got myself a finishers' medal supposedly given only to those who finished at 2 hours and 30 minutes or less! I finished at 2 and 40 but they extended the cut off! 

God must have heard my plea that I qualify for the Milo medal.  I prayed to Him at kilometer 18 or so after I heard from those running with me that we couldn't make it to the cut off. 

Oh, I almost puked few meters before the finish line! And when the race marshal handed me the heavy brass bling suspended in the Milo-green ribbon, I got sentimental that I almost sobbed while looking for familiar faces. Good thing I had my shades on.  

Thanks to those who egged me on to sign up, to those who pushed me to work out those legs(especially on lazy days), and most of all to dear God for answering my prayer. Next time I'll ask for something much bigger. ;)  


A review of my past 21ks shows I got myself a personal best this time:

  • Cebu City Marathon 2011              ---> 2:53
  • Cebu City Marathon 2012              ---> 2:49
  • Dumaguete Adventure Marathon ---> 3:09 (a really tough one as we run on trail paths, steep uphills and crazy downhills even passed a creek with huge boulders)
  • Milo Cebu Leg 2013                        ---> 2:40

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